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Happy Vasco - Azzurra comes good

20 knots on the Bay at the Gaastra PalmaVela

Saturday May 2nd 2015, Author: James Boyd, Location: Spain

Day three of Gaastra PalmaVela was the windiest yet, the thermal breeze eventually piping up to an unforecast 20 knots in the gusts, making for a spectacular day out on the Bay of Palma. On the menu today was a coastal race for the Wally, Maxi 72, IRC, ORC 0, ORC 1 and Vintage/Classic fleets and windward-leeward races for the rest. The debut of the disabled sailing classes increased the fleet to 140 boats racing.

Going into the final day of racing the leaders are - Y3K (Wally), MOMO (Maxi 72), Quantum Racing (TP52), Grupo Clínico Dr. Luis Senís (IRC), AIRIS (ORC 0), Fyord (ORC 1), Pinyol Vermell (ORC 2), Sirpy (ORC 3), Fehurihi (ORC 4), Bribón-Movistar (J/80), Flyinghigh (Flying Fifteen), Lazy Daisy (Dragon), Moonbeam (Classic), Fundación Disa (2.4), CVP Andratx 2 (Hansa 303 individual) and RCNP / F. Handisport 1 (Hansa 303 double).

Wally: Triple tie

German Claus-Peter Offen’s Y3K came out on top in the Wally's 25 mile coastal race, which in the conditions lasted less than two hours. Galma and of Jean-Charles Decaux’s J One followed. However Magic Carpet 2 retired a few minutes after the start because of equipment problems. Adding up the four races of the week, and after discarding the worst result, this leaves a three-way tie at the top of the Wally fleet between Y3K, Open Season (which finished fourth today) and J One, all on seven points. After two days of coastals, tomorrow they will return to sailing windward-leeward courses.

Maxi 72: MOMO repeats

Another victory in the coastal course for Dieter Schön's MOMO, sees the brand new JV 72 consolidates her position at the top of the Maxi 72 class. The German mini maxk overtook Alex Shaerer’s Caol Ila R to win by just over two minutes at the end of the 25 mile course.

TP52: Azzurra fights back

Today was Azzurra’s day. Alberto Roemmers Argentinian-Italian 52 started the day third overall, but posted a perfect scorecard today which the Dalton DeVos-steered Quantum Racing posted a 3-3 today. Thisi leaves them both tied for the lead on nine points, just one ahead of Austin Fragomen's Interlodge steered by Dean Barker (2-2).

IRC: Russian victory, Spanish lead

The Swan 60 Petite Flame came out on top in the 21 mile coastal race today, providing the Russian team wiht its first victory this week. However, leader in the class remains Axel Rodger’s Grupo Clínico Dr. Luis Senís, which finished third, but defended her position following four victories. Andres Varela’s Bultaco was second today and retains the same position overall, four points behind the leader.

ORC: Double format

The ORC 0 and ORC1 classes sailed a coastal race of just over 21 miles, while ORC 2, ORC 3 and ORC 4 completed two windward/leeward races.

In ORC 0, there was another victory for Cesare Bressan’s Airis. The Italian TP52 achieved the fastest time in real and corrected time in order to get stronger at the front of the provisional overall. She is now six points ahead of Elena Nova (sixth today) and 11 over Silva Neo (third today).

In ORC 1, Jose Luis Maldonado’s Fyord won his third consecutive victory, this time in the coastal race. The X-35 from Castellon faces the last day unbeaten.

In ORC 2, Felix Comas’ Pinyol Vermell managed to defend his lead with two second places. He now leads with one point over Presto (3-1) and three over Xalest (1-4).

In ORC 3, José Matheu’s Sirpy was the best of the day, with a first and a second place which allow him to snatch the first position from La Sirena I (2-4).

In ORC 4, Carlos Ros’ Fehurihi confirmed his good start yesterday with two more victories to consolidate its leadership.

One design: Another triple portion

The three one design classes completed the three races scheduled for today.

In the J/80s, it was an almost perfect day for Marc de Antonio’s Bribón-Movistar (1-1-3), who now has six bullets in seven races. The defending champion discards its third in today’s last race, and leads over nearest rival, José Maria Van der Ploeg’s Náutica Watches (2-7-4) by eight points overall. Two points behind is Pedro Marí’s Opera Season - Team RCNP (4-4-1).

In the Flying Fifteens, the leader Flyinghigh has extended thanks to two more victories today. Four points behind is Fine Fettle (3-3 today) and five behind is Speedy Gonzales (2-7).

In the Dragon class, Lazy Daisy didn’t manage to score in the third race of the day, which is now her discard, so she returned to shore five points ahead of Carbajal/Riera’s Young Tiger after six races.

The beautiful 1929 cutter Moonbeam IV is being the reference in the Vintage-Classics class. Today she finished second in the ten-mile coastal race, which together with her first position yesterday it allow her to lead the overall one point ahead of the elegant Marigan, a 1989 gaff cutter.

Disabled Sailing: The Spanish Cup begins

The three fleets of Disabled Sailing started today their battle for the Spanish Cup. The 2.4mR Paralympic class sailed three races, and the best of the day was Jose Guerra’s Fundación Disa (2-2-2), followed by Fundación Damm (1-3-3 and Puerto Sherry (3-1 -4). In the Hansa 303 Double, the RCNP/Fundación Handisport team had a great start, since its two boats are leading overall after finishing 3-1 (boat 1) and 1-4 (boat 2). They are ahead of the CVP Andratx 1 (2-3). In Hansa 303 Individual Toni Ferra's CVP Andratx 2 leads with one point over Angel Vega’s RCNP/Fundación Handisport 3, after sharing the first two victories of the week.

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