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An update from the sunny French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe and the latest from Miranda Merron

Wednesday November 27th 2002, Author: Josephine Lemmel, Location: Transoceanic
Miranda Merron reports from on board UUDS

OK, I know I've been complaining non-stop about squalls, but did encounter the mother of all cumulomonsters last night.

I reduced sail at sunset, where I could see this creature taking up the entire horizon to windward. It got windy as expected and started to rain and rain and rain. Two hours later and finally some stars appeared behind it.

At least the boat is clean. So much rain fell that it filled the first reef of the main with about two bath-loads of water. Not good for the poor sail, being weighed down to the deck with all that water, but I now have 40 litres of fresh rain water, enough for drinking, cooking and a gratuitous freshwater wash before Guadeloupe, whenever that may be.

I emptied most of the water out of the mainsail with a bucket, and since it was still resting on the deck, I got in it and had a bath.

It was pitch black, timed it perfectly in between two large clouds, and then emptied the rest of the water and got the sail away from the deck.

It's morning now, still a lot of clouds around with a lot of wind under them, so haven't put up any more sail area for now. I am starting to wonder from what distance I will be
able to see land- sometime tomorrow evening??

Miranda /UUDS 18 18N 53 40W

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