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As the girl's team limps towards port, there has been a concertinaing of the Volvo Ocean Race fleet

Thursday May 2nd 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
Little Friends - a report from djuice's Anthony Nossiter

We just heard the girls dropped their rig! Lucky they are a tuff bunch of sorts. They'll handle it well and with a great story for their children one day. Imagine being able to tell your kids of some of the tales mommy took on in her youth, before she settled down. I wouldn't believe my mom if she told me of such tales, and I think the 'chicks' are going to have trouble making their kids believe one day.

We had a few 'hitch hikers' for three days. A couple of small birds took a free ride on the dragons. We would scare them around until their weight was 'stacked' in the optimal position. Our little friends lived behind the helmsman for a while but left us one windy night when it must have been a bit scary for them. They didn't look like ocean birds so I hope they found their way home.

This morning we sailed into no wind. Not ideal for performance, but it was an opportunity to sleep well for those who were off. By lunch time the wind had built and as the sunbow sets and I prepare for a four-hour off watch, we are sailing in 30+ knots sending the pink girl at ludicrous speed.

We broke our Code 5 spinnaker, but after 35 hours of sail making we have a unique sail that we hope will stand up to the elements. Dave [Jarvis] and Espen [Guttormsen], our sail makers, have had little sleep the last few days repairing the chute. I’m sure they'll both be wide eyed to see it fly for the first time. It looked like it had been slashed by a serial killer, split down the middle in a very messy way. Will be nice to see it fly again.

Well I expect to enjoy a three-hour nap now. Not sure what I’ll be dreaming of, but it will have to be something related to a shore loving experience, a little heavy breathing and a little pink. You actually sleep like a rock out here once your body adjusts to the watch system. So good night for now, gotta nap.


Nock [Anthony Nossiter]

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