The reluctant hero - pt2

Neal McDonald talks to James Boyd about his plans and what to do with the Volvo Ocean Ocean
To read part one of this article.... click here While McDonald clearly struggled with some aspects of his new role as skipper - he says he hates the stopovers - now he is getting to grips with it. "I find the on the water stuff much more normal than the onshore stuff. I've been very lucky with Assa as they've been particularly supportive. When we changed in Cape Town I was pretty nervous about it all. It was not a thing I'd relished whatsoever. At the time I would have been a lot happier if it hadn't gone the way it had. But as time's got on, I've felt a lot more comfortable about it. Magnus [Olsson] has been incredibly useful and been a very good colleague in the change and you couldn't have a beeter man with that sort of experience. He's put me right a few times and supported some of the decisions and Rudi's [Mark Rudiger] been good. If I'd been in another boat and had to take that role on I think it would have found it a lot more difficult". Now that he has made the plunge into skipperdom he hopes to do more, although this may take some rearrangement of the way he operates. "I miss out on opportunities before because I don't spend a lot of time thinking about what I'm going to do next. To me June 9th is my only goal. I find this whole email fiasco where people finish a leg and then spend their whole time writing off to America's Cup syndicates or to get sponsors for this, that or the other, detrimental to the sport. In fact I rarely look at more than one leg at a time". McDonald coming on to the scene in this role can