Wind abates for van den Heede

News from the solo sailor's attempt on the singlehanded westabout non-stop round the world record

Tuesday December 10th 2002, Author: Jean-Luc van den Heede, Location: Transoceanic

We are making progress! This morning I took advantage of the force of the wind having decreased to carry out a complete check on deck.

Little jobs to do here and there: for example, I had to reaffix the bags which hold the halyards as the waves had started to pull out the fixing points. I put one of the mainsail lashings back onto an intermediate slider, but basically nothing serious.

The only things which worry me are my wind generators which disengage as soon as the wind exceeds 30 other words, all the time. Since I can no longer count on my solar panels, I am only using my Volvo engines. Luckily I took on the maximum quantity of diesel possible!

At the moment I have the wind abeam which hadn't happened until now since Cape Horn. So I am taking advantage of it and Adrien is making 12/13 knots with two reefs in the main and the solent which hasn't seen the light of day since the Horn.

I am still being contacted by a lot of television and media people. Today it has been Europe 1, "Bon Vent, Belle Mer" of TV Breizh (Brittany TV), and Equipe TV (a TV sports channel) this evening. I haven't time to be bored!

Until tomorrow

J+37 Position at 14H : 56°43’S / 83°42’W
Wind : 35N de SSW. Temperature day 7°/ night 4°/ water 4,9°
Distance run in 24H : 221 naut miles.
Advance on Monnet 5 days and 4hours. Distance to Ante méridien 3471 naut miles.

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