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Mary Ambler reports from Cape Town on Around Alone

Monday December 2nd 2002, Author: Mary Ambler, Location: Transoceanic
American Great Lakes skipper Tim Kent finished the second leg of the Around Alone at 17:57:35 local time (15:37:35 GMT) to take 2nd in Class 2.

Daylight seeped from the sky as Kent's Open 50 Everest Horizontal neared the finish line in light winds caused by the blanket from by the land mass, but just as the boat got within meters of the finish the wind shadow lifted and Tim took off at 15 knots across Table Bay. The NSRI boat that greets all competitors struggled to keep up as the battle weary boat shot off towards the far shore. Kent, unfazed by the sudden gust, took his time rolling in the headsail and waved at the crowds. This skipper has gone from inexperienced Great Lakes sailor, to Around Alone veteran and it has been a pleasure to witness the transformation.

Earlier in the day Tim sent a poignant email. "The last two days have been long ones," Tim wrote. "As I send this, we have under 100 miles to go. I have been busy all day so I really have not had time to ponder the idea of stepping off this boat for the first time in over five weeks. It's amazing, but I have not laid eyes on another person in that long! And I have clocked over 8,200 miles of solo sailing.

"My dominant thoughts are ones of gratitude. Gratitude to all of you who, through labor, fincancial contributions, or in the case of our supporting sponsors, parts and equipment have made this possible. Gratitude to all of you who have been following this adventure and have written to me with your encouragement. Gratitude for this wonderful, fleet, willing boat. Gratitude to my family and friends who have done so much. And gratitude for this wonderful blue planet, whose oceans are so overwhelmingly beautiful. And BIG! Tim"

Next in line are the first Open 40 skippers Canadian Derek Hatfield on Spirit of Canada and Japanese Kojiro Shiraishi on Spirit of yukoh, both racing in to Cape Town at 6 - 8 knots in a southeasterly breeze. Derek’s ETA is for 0400hrs local time 3 December, and Kojiro is about 12 hours behind him. The anticipation of steaks and sushi will hopefully reel them in to the end of their journey in good time!

Soldiering on behind are John Dennis on Bayer Ascensia, and Alan Paris on BTC Velocity, both skippers playing cat and mouse with the high pressure system sitting off Cape Town. Today is Alan Paris’ birthday, so we send him our best wishes and fair winds for the final run to the finish. The breeze has been fickle with these two skippers, their boat speeds jumping around, making their ETA’s difficult to determine, and putting the skippers’ minds in turmoil over these last few days sailing after nearly 50 days on the water alone.

Dennis voiced his frustration last night: “36 hrs ago I had visions of continuing at 10 kts pls for the duration and coming into Cape Town Wed evening with no problem. This evening with sunset the wind diminished again and we are wallowing in 3 meter swells from SW and doing 2.5 kts - we are so close yet so far from port and repairs and rest. I must not despair or let my spirits deminish. We will arrive, I just hope it is before everyone leaves for New Zealand!”

Provisional Results, Leg 2: Class 1

1. Bobst Group-Armor Lux finish time 09:59:45 GMT - 29 DAYS 22HRS 59 M 45S
2. Solidaires finish time 19:42:55 GMT - 30 DAYS 8 HRS 42 M 55S
3. Pindar finish time 03:27:13 GMT - 30 DAYS 16HRS 27 M 15S
4. Hexagon finish time 02:54:12 GMT - 31 DAYS 15HRS 54 M 12S
5. Ocean Planet finish time 03:15:16 GMT – 44 DAYS 16HRS 15 M 16S on the water.*
Provisional Results, Leg 2: Class 2
1. Tommy Hilfiger Freedom America finish time 13:48:13 GMT - 44 DAYS, 2 HRS, 48M, 13S on the water.*
2. Everest Horizontal finish time 15:37:35 GMT – 48 DAYS, 3 HRS, 37M, 35S on the water*

*NB: NOT including the provisional 48 hour time penalty for stopping in Spain.

Positions at 1400hrs GMT 2 nd December 2002
Class 1
Boat Lat Lon AvgBsp AvgHeading DTF (nm)
1. Tiscali, 28 24.340 S, 21 55.070 W, 72.31 nm, 9.05 kt, 119 °T, 2084.85 nm
Class 2
Boat Lat Lon AvgBsp AvgHeading DTF (nm)

1. Spirit of Canada, 34 19.919 S, 16 29.951 E, 65.77 nm, 8.22 kt, 81 °T, 99.86 nm
2. Spirit of yukoh, 35 12.460 S, 14 23.550 E, 42.99 nm, 5.38 kt, 67 °T, 214.91 nm
3. Bayer Ascensia, 35 20.140 S, 2 40.290 E, 47.96 nm, 6.00 kt, 105 °T, 782.50 nm
4. BTC Velocity, 36 12.340 S, 0 23.365 W, 52.69 nm, 6.59 kt, 145 °T, 933.63 nm

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