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Mary Ambler reports from Cape Town on Around Alone

Monday December 2nd 2002, Author: Mary Ambler, Location: Transoceanic
Tim Kent gives his viewpoint

We are here! In the waning sunlight, we crossed the finish line in second place for Leg 2 of the Around Alone race. Yesterday flew by; we rolled all day at 12 to 17 knots directly toward the finish. Table Mountain hove into view from underneath a cloud - what a breathtaking sight!

The wind was building as we approached the shoreline and I had heard that the wind funneling down from the mountains could be strong, so I tucked a reef into the main, rolled in the genoa and rolled out the solent. The wind, of course, immediately went to bed. Out came the reef and out came the genoa once again.

As we approached land, the huge lifeboat from Cape Town came roaring out with the staff from Aroudn Alone as well as marine photographer Billy Black and skippers Emma Richards, Bruce Schwab and Bernard Stamm, honking and cheering. As we slowly approached the finish, I could see a line of wind about 50 yards from the line - at least I would cross with some speed! I had no idea what was coming - suddenly I was slammed with over 30 knots of wind and got knocked down flat. The boat recovered its footing and I found myself careening across the bay at 18 knots, barely in control,
trying to furl the genoa and not run into the anchored freighters nearby.

After I had furled the genoa, a RIB dropped off some of the people from the lifeboat and we got everything under control. Emma had brought some chicken fresh off her barbeque and there were some cold beers for the long trip under power back across the bay. We motored up the pontoon, and the trip was over. Sir Robin handed me a bottle of champagne, which I sprayed over everyone waiting onshore before having a drink myself. Then I stepped ashore and looked at the boat that had brought me all the way from Milwaukee to Africa. She is really something special.

Thanks again to all of our supporters and to the people here who met me when I arrived. Now to The Work List!

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