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As Around Alone fleet tackles the Atlantic

Friday September 20th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
Technology often conspires against you, particularly when it combines racing across oceans, computers and high technology satellite communications. Following the teething problems Clipper Ventures have had as they attempt to keep the general public, not to mention the press, up to date about the progress of their race, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Chairman of the Around Alone Race Committee must be wondering whether it wasn't quicker in the old days when skippers used to call in their positions by SSB radio via the gentlefolk of the now defunct Portishead Radio.

Last night Bernard Stamm had opened up a 65 mile lead over second placed Thierry Dubois, with Patrick de Radigues moving up to third. Dubois and Stamm are currently on the right hand side of the course with de Radigues and Bianchetti in their own private battle to the north west, on the left hand side of course equidistant between the leaders and the southeastern tip of Newfoundland.

In class two favourite Brad van Liew is out in front with second placed Tim Kent out on the right hand side of the course and John Dennis in Bayer Ascensia out to the west, trying to stay in the favourable winds to the north of a high pressure system that is chasing the fleet away from America.

At present all the competitors are trying to avoid the clutches of this high pressure system that is going to be compressed from the north by a low pressure system forming over Newfoundland at present. Depending upon the timing of how all this unfolds, Stamm and Dubois may get out of the effect of the high pressure system to the east, while de Radigues and Bianchetti to the north west may be better positioned to feel the first effects of the low pressure system which could well set them off on a rollercoaster ride across the north Atlantic in 30knot westerlies. This scenario could well end up in a case of the rich getting richer, but the position and size of the high pressure system over Bermuda would suggest that being north will pay over the next few days.

British competitor Emma Richards is currently lying a disappointing last in class one and it is understood that part of the problem has been due to communications - her Inmarsat B terminal is down and it is understood that she hasn't been able to pick up weather information, not even GRIB files through her Iridium phone as the connection was dropping every time she went across a wave. However it is believed that this may now have resolved itself and Emma was said to be more 'chilled' this morning.

Graham Dalton has recovered after Hexagon's main halyard broke on Wednesday. See his report on page 2...

If you want a bit of a laugh then read the unedited forum on the Around Alone site...


Boat Skipper Lat Long Speed DTF DTL
Class One
Bobst Group-Armor Lux Bernard Stamm 45 15.640 N 43 26.880 W 16.00 kt 1638.39 nm
Solidaires Thierry Dubois 44 15.320 N 45 28.320 W 13.00 kt 1741.95 nm
Garnier Patrick de Radigues 45 22.360 N 48 14.320 W 11.00 kt 1820.45 nm
Tiscali Simone Bianchetti 44 43.240 N 48 48.840 W 7.00 kt 1858.99 nm
Hexagon Graham Dalton 44 29.600 N 49 15.400 W 7.60 kt 1881.93 nm
Ocean Planet Bruce Schwab 43 53.160 N 49 02.920 W 6.20 kt 1890.04 nm
Pindar Emma Richards 43 10.480 N 50 12.840 W 7.80 kt 1954.67 nm
Class Two
Tommy Hilfiger Freedom America Brad van Liew 43 05.160 N 52 23.640 W 3.86 kt 2041.35 nm
Spirit of Canada Derek Hatfield 43 29.920 N 56 12.840 W 7.29 kt 2176.44 nm
Everest Horizontal Tim Kent 38 24.920 N 52 43.640 W 8.77 kt 2200.60 nm
Bayer Ascensia John Dennis 43 39.800 N 57 41.040 W 4.54 kt 2227.95 nm
BTC Velocity Alan Paris 41 52.440 N 57 47.440 W 0.72 kt 2284.97 nm
Spirit of Yukoh Kojiro Shiraishi no poll

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