The road to recovery

The Daily Sail talks to Emma Richards about leg 1 of Around Alone
It is a busy day in London and when The Daily Sail finally tracks down Emma Richards, she is in the Soho offices of her media svengali Henry Chappell betwixt an appearance on a breakfast TV show and taking part in a shoot at the London shop of fashion label, Tommy Hilfiger, sponsor of fellow Around Alone competitor Brad van Liew. The fashion world, the bussle of London - all this must be a bizarre contrast for Richards who only days previously was singlehanded in the mid-Atlantic trying to maintain her sanity while trying to wrestle with her powerful Open 60 towards Devon. And what an impressive job she did. The start from New York on the 2,930 mile passage across the north Atlantic to Brixham, Devon, could not have been better. "I was quite happy with the start, it was conservative just to get out of there," Richards told The Daily Sail. "The first few days were great just to settle into it, gennikers up and everything." It was around two days into the leg, as Pindar was skirting the edge of the notorious Nantucket Shoals, that things began to go wrong and Richards admits, they were all her doing. "I had problems with the first genniker. I kept it up far too long. I had Solidaires in my sights in front of me and I was just too competitive. I wanted to keep up but I knew I should get the genniker down by 30 knots. But of course it was always gusting more than 30 and I was going "well when the next gust dies, I'll get it down, no problem" and of course I just wanted to catch Thierry before I took it down." Of course when she did go to furl up the sail and drop it, things