Decisive win for Laurent and Jacq

Clear victors at conclusion of first leg of the Figaro class' two handed Transat AG2R

Tuesday April 23rd 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom

The winners from left to right: second place Ronan Cointo and Ronan Guerin, third placed J-C Caso and Daniel Vallancien and the winners Herve Laurent and Rodolph Jacq

The first Beneteau 30ft one designs are now into Madeira at the conclusion of the first leg of the Figaro class' two handed Transat AG2R.

Former Vendee Globe sailor Herve Laurent and co-skipper Rodolphe Jacq on board Colbert Orco put in a stunning performance in this high competitive class to win the leg by a 10 hours 34 minute margin, a feat they achieved by an interesting tactical option where after rounding Cape Finistere they hugged the coast of Portugal before heading out into the Atlantic.

The second leg to St Barts starts on Thursday morning (72 hours after the arrival of the first boat).

1 COLBERT ORCO Hervé LAURENT Rodolphe JACQ 22/04/02 06:23:53 0
2 ESCAL' ATLANTIC SAINT - NAZAIRE Ronan GUERIN Ronan COINTO 22/04/2002 17:04:07 0j 10:34:14
3 AFFICHES PARISIENNES Jean-Christophe CASO Daniel VALLANCIEN 22/04/2002 17:59:20 0j 11:29:20
4 MARSEILLE ENTREPRISES Jean-Paul MOUREN Alexandre TOULORGE 22/02/2002 19:59:19 0j et 13:29:26
5 GAME BOY ADVANCE Bruno JOURDREN Jérémie BEYOU 22/04/2002 22:07:20 0j 15:37:27
6 JEAN FLOC'H Eric DROUGLAZET Vincent RIOU 23/04/2002 01:02:45 0j 18:32:52
7 PETIT NAVIRE LE BON GOUT DU LARGE Thierry CHABAGNY Corentin DOUGUET 23/04/2002 01:24:40 0j 18:54:47
8 DEPARTEMENT DE L'AISNE Jeanne GREGOIRE Arnaud BOISSIERES 23/04/2002 02:37:20 0j 20:07:27
9 ST BARTH ASSURANCES Markku HÄRMÄLÄ Richard LEDEE 23/04/2002 04:51:18 0j 22:21:25
10 HAPPYCALOPSE Philippe CARDIS Alexandre SCHNEITER 23/04/2002 04:53:53 0j 22:24:00
11 THALES - ARMOR LUX Erwan TABARLY Philippe VICARIOT 23/04/2002 05:25:00 0j 22:55:07
12 CERCLE VERT Gildas MORVAN Charles CAUDRELIER -BENAC 23/04/2002 8:42:20 1j 02:12:27
13 SAIL FAST - MARFRET - Evénements Nautiques Denis LEMAITRE Yann GREGOIRE 23/04/2002 8:42:57 1j 02:13:04

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