Fastest man on the planet - 2

In part two of this interview, Bruno Peyron introduces the G-class
See part one of madforsailing's interview with Bruno Peyron here . So what does one do after spending 64 days sailing the fastest boat non-stop around the world? "I want to lie under a tree and see a cow and eat a big steak!" jokes Peyron. "More seriously I want to work on the next part of our 2002 campaign and maybe work on some records, probably in Europe". But he will approach these record breaking passage in a different way. Rather than Orange sailing them alone Peyron wants to issue to challenges to the other big multihulls, be they Olivier de Kersauson's Geronimo or Steve Fossett's PlayStation or indeed anyone else who might want to play, such as Maiden II. He is particularly looking forward to the cat-tri battle with de Kersauson. These challenges are likely to take place on record courses, but not necessarily. "I want to organise challenges any time or any place where two challengers care to do it," he says. In the short term the plan is to replace the broken titanium ball bearing upon which Orange's mast sits and then hightail it to Marseilles in the south of France (the Provencal city are one of Peyron's sponsors). Peyron says that she is likely to be in Marseilles for the ISAF World Championships in June. "400,000 people will be at this sceptacle and Orange will be at its heart." Orange's next record is likely to be the TransMed between Marseilles and Carthage in Tunisia, but Peyron is threatening to come to England this summer to tackle the round the island record and be present at Skandia Life Cowes Week. He may well also squeeze in an attempt on the round Britain and Ireland record while he is there. It would seem likely that at some