Eaten by the high

An update from the war torn Route du Rhum

Sunday November 17th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
Miranda Merron reports from on board UUDS

Spent all night trying to escape from the encroaching high. Also spent some time going nowhere in between a couple of large dark clouds. Daylight now, heading south to try and keep away from the high. The barometer is still rising, not a good sign in this case.

This is our strategy, and it looks bad for miles towards the finish right now, but hopefully will pay off later. Far from having time clean up the boat, enjoy the sunshine etc, time is spent trying to make the boat go faster. These should be good conditions for her, but
others are quicker. Feeling very tired, and worryingly am capable of ignoring extremely shrill loud alarm. Either tired or going deaf from having heard it so often..

Have just wired the Raymarine pilot remote control back in, so will not have to do the leap of faith fom tiller to pilot control when I want to stop steering (lots of obstacles in the way, lots of potential for getting it wrong at night). Now I hear some members of my family express amazemznt that I am, albeit very loosely, acquainted with the black art of electricity.

For many years, the fine yacht Manitou was a part of our family, and in my teenage years when I had ample opportunity to learn about boat electricity, electronics and diesel engines, I did what all self-respecting female teenagers do, and none of the aforementioned subjects cluttered my horizon. It is late 2002 and the awesome duo of Alex and Tony have tried to instill some knowledge in me. They are very patient and even manage to get me to understand things over the phone. Failing that, we all have copies of a CD of photos of important bits of the boat.

Miranda/ UUDS 32 03N 24 04W
PS I am now barefoot, definitely heading in the right direction.

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