Kingfisher2 still not on the pace

More benign conditions in the South Atlantic dog Ellen's big cat

Sunday February 9th 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
Day 10 Position 24hr distance Av speed
Kingfisher2 12°30S 31°24W 433 18.04
Geronimo 21°58S 33°19W 530 19.26
Orange 14°49S 30°48W 463 22.08

(approx 834 nm S of Equator / Salvador 414 nm W)

Ahead/Behind the record: 8 hours 58 minutes behind Orange
Ahead/Behind Geronimo: 30 hours 19 minutes behind Geronimo

Av/Max boat speed in last hour: 16.98 / 23.3 knots Heading: 212
Av/Max wind speed in last hour: 12.57 / 16.8 knots Wind direction: 122
Distance to WP4 35 00'S / 24 00'W entrance to Southern Ocean : 1412 nm (theorectical shortest distance)

Kingfisher2 is still enduring light to moderate conditions and this morning was passing the latitude of Salvador. Offshore Challenges have calculated that Ellen's big cat is behind Orange's record by 8 hours and 58 minutes and is 30 hours 19 minutes astern of Geronimo.

"Morning all - and another awesome morning it is," wrote Ellen from on board today. "Even better as I type we are averaging speeds of over 20 knots. It feels like a real breath of fresh air after spending so long sailing so slowly... Spirits are up with this new breeze, and though we are not sure how long it wil last - we are making the most of its prescence. It's been a waiting game, the most stressfull waiting game.

"Just heading head long into a situation which is continuously evolving is an interesting one... a very interesting one. You know you have to get south - but you don't know quite where the weather systems will let you in. Each day I discuss with Meeno our weather router - we talk about the options, the evolutions we feel that could happen. But you know full well that the majority of things you even discuss will not eveolve. The question is did you manage to talk about the aspect of the weathers evolution which will count.

"I already have my eyes set on the Southern Ocean, and really cannot wait to see the albatrosses once more. Each mile we speed south now is a plus. Each mile takes us closer and closer to the south, the indescribable south which can be filled with as much beauty and wildness that rotates around such vast contrasts. The most beautiful sunset can be folowed by a day so black that it seems lit up by the minute flash of colour around the albatross eyes...

"So until the next mail - hoping in my heart of hearts to be still moving tomorrow night.

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