Second by a hair

Ian Moore recounts his Rolex Fastnet Race as navigator on board the maxZ86 Zephyrus V
Ian Moore was navigator on the second placed maxi Zephyrus V in the Rolex Fastnet Race and talks us through the tight race the American maxZ86 had with Neville Crichton's Alfa Romeo, which saw the lead change six or seven times over the course of the race, a match race to the finish line and the larger Aussie boat beat them by just 10 minutes. "It was a very very close finish for two big boats like this in the Fastnet," says Moore. "It is one of the closest two boats finishes I’ve had." Zephyrus V entered the Rolex Fastnet Race with the sole intent of seeing if they could win line honours over Alfa Romeo. "Ultimately Shockwave is a bigger faster boat than we are," says Moore. "We spoke to Bob [McNeil, the owner] and asked him if he wanted to have a go at trying to win on handicap. And he said he had no interest in that - he wanted to have a go at beating Shockwave on the water. Ultimately we used a Code Zero which doesn’t have a 75% mid-girth, therefore it rates as a jib, so we have a certificate which is faster than Shockwave’s, because our jibs are all the size of a Code Zero which is ridiculous, but ultimately more horsepower when it gets light and it did help out during this race." Even with one of the biggest boats in the fleet, they didn't come away entirely unscathed from the tides. "We were very unlucky with the last tidal gate," admitted Moore. "We had the tide out of the Solent and Gordon [Maguire] and John Bertrand did a good job working us out of the Solent. We got about a mile and a half out in front of the next guys and almost