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Tim Kent emails with an update on The List

Thursday March 27th 2003, Author: Tim Kent, Location: Transoceanic
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

After sailing most of the way around the world without a single day of illness, I have finally been laid low. I have contracted the ailment common to Yankee visitors in South America who are not careful enough about drinking the water. Add this gastrointestinal misery to the heat, and you will probably understand why I was in bed very early last night. We are up early as well; it's 7:40 am here and we are back on board, chipping away at The List.

We made some good progress yesterday. We have the new wire for the headstay ordered; it should be here in four days. No one carries the wire locally, so it must come from Rio. From the first night out on Leg 4, I had no running lights; we got all of them working yesterday. We have met someone who keeps a boat here in the marina who speaks both excellent English and excellent Portuguese, and who knows where to get EVERYTHING. He's our new best friend and has been a great help in sourcing parts locally.

Today we are tackling the dead solar panels, some issues with the steering system, and I am going to see what the options are for provisioning the boat with food locally. My goal is to have the food and clothing on board and stowed by the end of the week; it will be an all-time EH record!

Alan Paris on BTC VELOCITY is making slow progress up the coast. Derek Hatfield was supposed to get his new mast delivered yesterday. And Kojiro Shiraishi and his two shore crew members took off for a two-day vacation yesterday. It is Koji's first day off since he left Japan early last year to sail to the start in Newport.

Hmmm, it seems as though my illness is far from cured. I'm heading up to the main building! More tomorrow,


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