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Count down begins to Challenge Business' next round the world race

Tuesday September 9th 2003, Author: Rachel Anning, Location: Transoceanic
Crew Volunteers around the world will be celebrating the ‘Year to the Gun’ to the start of the Global Challenge 2004/5 with a series of seminars, talks and parties over the next two weeks.

The main celebrations in the UK will be taking place this weekend, when almost 200 Crew Volunteers, along with their friends and families, descend on Ocean Village, Southampton to mark this memorable occasion.

A number of seminars and talks will give the Crew Volunteers all the up-to-the minute news about the Global Challenge including the yacht refit programme, the skipper selection programme and the crew announcement, which is due to take place at the London International Boat Show in January.

Friends and family of the Crew Volunteers will then be able to get a taste by sailing aboard one of the Global Challenge race yachts, which will be the homes to their nearest and dearest for 10 months, and glimpse a fraction of what they will experience during their adventure.

Celebrations are not just limited to the UK. In Hong Kong, Italian born Christian Talpo and Briton Barbara Sturdy will be celebrating at the Hebe Haven Yacht Club with a presentation by Dick Purvis, who was on the winning yacht, LG Flatron, during the BT Global Challenge 2000/1, following with a Hebe-style party!

Simon Walker, managing director of race organiser, Challenge Business comments: "The year to the gun is very special time for the Crew Volunteers and is a time of reflection - looking back at what they’ve achieved in terms of their training, raising sponsorship and making life long friends - as well as a time of looking forwards.

"Bringing all the crew together gives us an opportunity to keep them fully up to speed with what is happening. They’re able to ask questions and get themselves prepared well in advance of the race. The year to the gun celebrations also give the Crew Volunteers time to meet fellow crew, many of whom they will have met before, plus also gives them the chance to show off the boats and their new found sailing skills to their loved ones!

"The year to the gun is a major milestone for the crew as most have completed their training and are counting down the days till the start of the race."

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