Tim Kent's Everest

Great Lake sailor turned offshore man takes second place in Around Alone's class 2

Sunday March 23rd 2003, Author: Mary Ambler, Location: Transoceanic
Everest Horizontal, skippered by Class 2 American Tim Kent, ghosted into Salvador de Bahia under cover of night to cross the finish line at 03:03:58 GMT (00:03:58 local time) in second place for Leg 4 of Around Alone. Kent not only notched up his third second place finish in Around Alone, but also achieved a life-long ambition in the process - to go from Great Lakes sailor to veteran Cape Horner - his personal ‘Everest Horizontal’.

“Cape Horn was everything I thought it was going to be, Kent recalled. “We summited Everest. These are hallowed waters. Countless wrecks lie on the bottom here, and countless lives have been lost trying to get around this windswept point of land. I feel honoured to have been there, to have seen this storied point and move on. I am incredibly lucky to be on a boat this safe, and on an adventure this grand.” His leg was dogged with the usual problems that an unsponsored first time campaign goes through, the most potentially fatal one being when his forestay broke with the notorious headwinds and shorter seas of the South Atlantic still ahead of him. However, Kent’s response is that compared to the dismasting that his good friend and rival Derek Hatfield experienced, his life has not been that troubled.

As the first skipper to arrive at night in Salvador, the CENAB laid on a festive welcome with fireworks and samba music. Tim was greeted at the dockside by the other skippers and teams and also by Dayse, who tied the ‘wishband’ around Tim’s wrist before handing over the magnum of Champagne Mumm, followed by the customary fruit bowl and caipirinha.

Tim Kent now has a relatively short hop up to Newport, RI before realising his dream of a solo circumnavigation, not only as an adventurer, but also as one of the few individuals to have their eyes on the overall podium in Around Alone. Kent’s unwavering optimism and sense of humour sets him apart as someone who has the courage to act out their dreams – and a good dose of old fashion stubbornness to boot: “I don’t let that side of me show very often, but when I want something badly enough I will not stop until I have it.”

Meanwhile, 137 miles behind at today’s 14:00 GMT positions, Japanese skipper Kojiro Shiraishi on Spirit of yukoh is making better progress to the finish, and his ETA is for the evening of 23 March. “Of course before the bars close!” he remarked. “Whatever happens I will not be letting up and will be trying as hard as I can to get to the finish as soon as possible.” Clinging on to Everest Horizontal all the way round, it was only in the last few days that Tim really shook him off his tail. Koji has sailed an incredible race in Leg 4 of Around Alone, proving the full potential of his Finot designed Open 40 in the very Southern Ocean conditions the boat was built to perform best in.


Leg 4 Provisional Results
Class 1
1 Solidaires – 10pts
2 Bobst Group-Armor Lux - 9pts
3 Tiscali – 8pts
4 Pindar – 7pts
5 Ocean Planet – 6pts

Class 2
Boat Lat Lon AvgBsp AvgHeading DTF
1 Tommy Hilfiger Freedom America – 10pts
2 Everest Horizontal – 9pts
3 Spirit of yukoh 15 12.140 S, 37 59.830 W, 61.17 nm, 7.65 kt, 359 °T, 137.29 nm
4 BTC Velocity 27 02.090 S, 37 08.000 W, 44.43 nm, 5.55 kt, 41 °T, 847.43 nm
5 Spirit of Canada 54 49.160 S, 68 14.210 W, 0.00 nm, 0.00 kt, 0 °T, 2871.09 nm

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