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As monohull fleet coasts across the finish line on SAP Cape-Rio race

Saturday February 1st 2003, Author: Ronelda Visser, Location: Transoceanic
The Yacht Club Rio de Janeiro was a hive of activity as seven boats finished the 3400-mile SAP Cape to Rio ocean race.

The Australian maxi Helsal II beat her two challengers Auto Atlantic Thunderchild and Daly´s Insurance to the finish line in Guanabara Bay by arriving shortly after 14h00 (18h00 SA Time).

Auto Atlantic Thunderchild finished at 17h26 (SA time 21h26) in an elapsed time of 20 days and four hours. Dalys Insurance crossed the line one minute afterwards.

They were followed by John Levin’s Indaba Konica/Mallinicks at 19h53. Speaking to the skipper Levin on his experiences during the race, he reiterated what a stunning event it was. “The only thing that I really missed was the fact that I became a grandfather during the trip. My first grand children were born on 21st January 2003, and I was really very sad not being able to be there, particular since they were triplets: 2 boys and a girl” said Levin, who has now done the race six times.

With the boats coming in fast and furiously, the handicap rankings are being shaken up. Gauteng entry Baleka is still maintaining her top spot with Madiba Racing Team in second position. By finishing late Friday evening, the yacht Diel with her crew of school kids from Reddam House has moved into third slot.

In a telephone interview, skipper Bernard Diebold said that he was obviously extremely relieved to have the six kids safe in Rio. “It has been 27 years since I’ve last visited Rio and I can’t wait to get out and see the sights. It has been an absolutely incredible journey, but I’m really looking forward to a good meal and a hot shower.”

Investec is currently fourth with the Miura Julie III fifth. Suidoos 2 has dropped down to sixth position, but is maintaining a mooring of honour in front of the yacht club in Rio.

Positions on handicap, skipper, latitude, longitude, distance from Cape
Town, distance to Rio, miles covered, average speed

1. BALEKA,Alex Schon/Wolf Seitz,23.3.0S,42.51.0W,3418,19,202. 8, 8.45
3. DIEL,Bernhard Diebold - RIO
4. INVESTEC,J McGraw/S Cumming,23.18.0S,39.2.0W,3216,230,164.2,6.84
5. JULIE III,Robin Green - RIO
6. SUIDOOS 2,Gawie Fagan - RIO
7. AUTO ATLANTIC T/Child, R & G Goldswain - RIO
9. KONICA/MALLINICKS INDABA,John Levin,22.59.0S,43.11.0W,3435,61.3,2.55
10. HELSAL II,Bill Rawson - RIO
11. VCR 90.6 FM,G Boshoff / H Karolius,20.52.0S,30.44.0W,2732,704
12. MORNING GLORY,Hasso Plattner,22.59.0S,43.11.0W,3435
13. MADAME PAZZAZZ, Skeen/hewitt,20.50.0S,30.13.0W,2704,733,157.3,6.55
14. FASCINATION OF POWER,J Martin,21.39.0S,34.17.0W,2935,500,187.6,7.82
15. 34 SOUTH @ KNYSNA,Theo Beens,20.17.0S,29.13.0W,2647,796,163.2,6.80
16. SAFARI - CTW,David Tideswell,23S,41.37.0W,3350,87,168.0,7.00
17. BARRACUDA,Nicola Amundsen,21.3.0S,32.15.0W,2777,945,186.2,7.76
18. FTI FLYER,Keith Mattison,22.27.0S,38.18.0W,3164,272,146.4,6.10
19. BIG REEF,Brian Sutherland,19.43.0S,26.25.0W,2525,956,147.1,6.13
20. MAIDEN,Terry Nielsen,22S,33.29.0W,2899,541,182.4,7.60
21. INSPIA,Derek Shuttleworth,20.50.0S,30.15.0W,2706,731,156.1,6.50
22. SCORPIO,H Oliphant/J Dickson,20.24.0S,28.46.0W,2622,819,159.8,6.66
23. LOVE LIFE,Marion Cole,19.51.0S,24.24.0W,2422,1067

1 NICATOR,Klas Nylof - RIO
2. ADRENALINA PURA,G Ehrensperger - RIO

1. CUMIN THRU,Alexander Smith,23.4.0S,32.32.0W,2888,588
2. AQUILA,Jon Thurlow ,22.24.0S,39.6.0W,3207,229,132.5,5.52
3. ACALANTIS,M Tattavitto,22.43.0S,39.47.0W,3248,189,139.9,5.83
4. INYONI,HI Ferreira,20.58.0S,30.18.0W,2713,727,126.2,5.26
5. ALBACORE,Grant Saunders,21.17.0S,33.22.0W,2880,555,141.9,5.91
6. NAUTY 40S,Falk Graser,19.24.0S,26.14.0W,2525,972,108.6, 4.53

FORSDICKS BMW,Avelino/Dopke,20.47.0S,29.21.0W,2675,781,158.7,6.61

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