New York follows Jersey

As Clipper fleet head for Hawaii

Monday January 13th 2003, Author: Loretta Spridgeon, Location: Transoceanic
Day three of the race to Hawaii and Jersey Clipper is already looking in a strong position. After a good start, the Channel Islanders rapidly took the lead and seem determined to hold it - but they are not being given an easy ride!

New York Clipper seems intent on sticking to Jersey’s shadow and has moved up into second place as a result. Skippers Simon Rowell and Sam Fuller may be old friends, but this seems only to be heightening the rivalry between the two teams.

Just a few miles to the south, the competition remains close with 5 boats within a few miles of one another. London Clipper has Glasgow well covered, but Bristol is another matter. Her position 3 miles to the south means that in terms of distance to go she is only a fraction of a mile behind London, with a clear view in front of her. Even a tiny differential in speed could make a marked difference here and the slightest error aboard London Clipper could well see the Bristolians move ahead.

The same can be said for Liverpool and Hong Kong, who seem to be treating this like an inshore match race and are close enough to trade jokes. If this keeps up, the crews are in for some very intense racing over the next few weeks.

Less fortunate are those aboard Cape Town Clipper, who with the lowest days run are paying dearly for the damage they did to their medium weight spinnaker on the way to the Galapagos Islands.

The boats all carry three spinnakers; for light winds, medium winds and strong winds and although there is a cross over, the All Purpose (AP) Spinnaker, is the real workhorse and would be the sail of choice given the current conditions. Cape Town’s crew will be working round the clock to try and repair it. Hawaii is still a long way away!

The Clipper Race is a one-design fleet race. The boats are identically matched and all carry the same equipment, sails etc. This means that results are based on a team’s ability rather than their budget. Maintaining the kit is a major part of any ocean race, especially one that sees the boats sailing over 35,000 miles. If the Cape Town crew are unable to repair their spinnaker they can request a replacement but this will incur a points penalty, something they will be keen to avoid. Hence their sewing machine
will be working overtime at the moment!

04:00, 13 January 2003

Pos Yacht Distance to Finish
1 Jersey 3695.97 (nautical miles)
2 New York 3711.86
3 London 3714.62
4 Bristol 3714.96
5 Glasgow 3719.58
6 Liverpool 3720.83
7 Hong Kong 3721.74
8 Cape Town 3732.91

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