AUDIO: Loick Peyron on the end of Fujilfilm

The French trimaran skipper describes the destruction of his boat in the Route du Rhum to James Boyd
The following is a series of audio files from an interview The Daily Sail carried out with Loick Peyron at Paris Boat Show where Fujifilm skipper describes (in depth) the destruction of his 60ft trimaran that took place in November while he was leading the Route du Rhum. NB: Unless you have the patience of a saint you will need a broadband connection to listen to these. The files are MP3s and play automatically in Windows Media Player on a PC or Quicktime on a Mac (assuming you have your browser configured to play audio this way). Any problems please send us a note through the contacts box on this page. Clip 1: In this Peyron describes the severe weather leading up to the incident (5.3MB) Clip 2: Here Peyron talks about what he saw on deck and what his first reaction was and how he thinks the float broke (2.3MB) Clip 3: Peyron talks about the difficulties he faced as he tried to save the mast (2.7MB) Clip 4: What a mess! Peyron describes what it was like when the aft beam broke causing the mast to come down. (1.3MB) Clip 5: Peyron has dismasted before, but this time there was a unique problem...(2.2MB) Clip 6: And then the port hull started to break up...Fortunately it was stable. Peyron wanted to sleep, but couldn't... Then the cavalry arrived (2.7MB) Clip 7: Peyron was so desperate for sleep that he considered leaving the Mini M off the hook. He was on board for 24 hours before he was taken off by a Russian cargo ship (1.3MB) Clip 8: Once on to the cargo ship, Peyron was dropped in the Azores and made it to Portugal in an attempt to try and rescue the trimaran. (2.7MB) Clip 9: In the Route du Rhum only three out of 18 boats finished.