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News from Olivier de Kersauson's Jules Verne Trophy attempt

Sunday January 12th 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
Following her departure in the early hours of yesterday morning from the Ushant-Lizard start line, Olivier de Kersauson's maxi trimaran Geronimo was passing Lisbon at midday today, the Bay of Biscay behind them.

The crew of the Cape Gemini Ernst & Young and Schneider Electric sponsored yacht had covered 472 miles in the first 24 hours of their attempt on the Trophy Jules Verne, averaging a healthy 19.65 knots.

"The speed of the boat is not yet very significant, one is in the forecast weather for moment", explained de Kersauson during a radio interview today. "The winds are unstable from north to northeast and between 15 and 30 knots.

The sea is also rather unpredictable and the risk of colliding with oil slicks during the night requires a high degree of vigilance in these waters. Geronimo has already passed the Atalante, the ship monitoring the site where the Prestige sank.

The giant trimaran has also encountered its first technical hiccup. One of the rudder linkages began to show signs of weakness during the night and the crew had to slow the boat for several hours in order to repair it; a task which they managed to accomplish in the minimum amount of time.

The crew had a rather difficult night coping with many boat manoeuvres and large breaking waves during a series of squalls. Nevertheless, they were very quick off the mark, as the Schneider Electric watch leader was proud to report during today’s radio bulletin. Now attacking his 7th circumnavigation, Geronimo’s skipper is clearly very happy to be back at sea: “I really love being here, especially on this exceptional boat…”

Geronimo's crew hopes to pass the Canary Islands before Tuesday.

DAY 1 Position DFS Av speed
Geronimo 42°24N 12°11W 472 miles 19.65
Orange 42°12N 11°11W 457 miles 19.02

Geronimo's position at 1400GMT today 39.03N 13.45W (213 covered in last 11 hours)

Courtesy of Raymarine

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