The new Captain Haddock

Pindar extend their contract with shorthanded sailor Emma Richards.
Emma Richards is one lucky girl. Last week her sponsor Andrew Pindar, boss of the Scarborough-based print and multimedia company of his name, rocked into Tauranga and after a meeting agreed to extend Richards' sponsorship for another three years. "We've never had a written agreement," says Richards. "Our sponsorship has always been on a handshake. It's great to have that kind of trust." The deal is very informal and is not a case of the present deal coming to an end and being renewed. "It's more looking at the three years going on from here," she says. The arrangement between Richards and Pindar is unusual. Rather than having her own company Richards is a Pindar employee, complete with pension and company car "which is useful for the month every year I'm in the UK!" she quips. Andrew Pindar is clearly over the moon about how well the sponsorship is going. "I think Emma is one of the most able sailors in the world. So that is a bit of a plus!" he told The Daily Sail. "Then there are other things - besides sailing well her philosophies and her attitudes are what we wish to aspire to in our business - so it is great to have an alignment of interests. We keep on stretching forward as a company and she keeps on stretching forward with her sailing career. We never quite know where we are going to go and she doesn't know where she is going to go because the further in the future you look the more blurred it becomes. "She trains hard and she searches to learn all the time from some fantastic people around the world who know how to get boat speed or know how to design boats - whatever it might be. She has a