Sanxenxo news

Keels get shaved, teams struggle to get their boats afloat in strong winds while ABN AMRO line up against the Pirates
The weather has not been kind to the Volvo Ocean Race organisation or sailing teams, the gods throwing front after front from the Atlantic across the bay of Sanxenxo, with driving rain that does not allow you to even poke your head out of the window without getting absolutely soaked and winds of up to 40 knots and with a power behind them that makes it hard to walk. The last week has seen four yachts out on the hard having work carried out on them and an impossible task of trying to re-launch them because of the weather even if they were ready and wanting to go back in. The Race Village was opened on Friday 28 October and looked spectacular with the most incredible stands and marquees for the teams, a setting that certainly gives the race all the glory it deserves. The area is covered with flags and banners, there was a start-up firework display and video footage displayed of the VO60s from previous races and some incredible visuals of the new generation Volvo Open 70s that sent shivers down the spines of all the spectators. The opening was an amazing feat by everyone concerned fighting against the weather - but then that is the nature of the race - not helped by a Spanish truck strike that had been going on for a week since the entourage first arrived, making it hard with containers not getting in or out. Among the teams themselves there is a fever of urgency: the time has come and the sailors just want to get out there to demonstrate their weapons. Over the last few weeks there have been a few who have lined up and a few who have decided to while away their practice hours in secrecy. The Pirates lined up