Video: How to sail a Mini

Phil Sharp and Nick Bubb give their tips
Sailing what is essentially a 21ft long skiff with a large sail plan and a canting keel across an ocean is not for the faint of heart. In the following video clips two of the top British Mini sailors Phil Sharp and Nick Bubb describe to Andy Nicholson how they singlehand their craft. In this first clip Phil Sharp describes and demonstrates all the sailing basics - how to tack and sail upwind on a Mini, how to gybe using the articulating bowsprit, etc. This second clip show Nick Bubb sailing downwind, while giving a guided tour down below on his Mini Whittlebury Hall, which has a keel that not only cants, but moves fore and aft. NB: These clips are respectively 37MB and 16MB in size and therefore only suitable for opening on a fast broadband connection. They are both in Windows Media format which should open automatically and play out on PCs. For Mac users - Windows Media Player is available for you too from the great Bill Gates here.