Ericsson request redress

Neal McDonald's team believe they were wrongly called OCS in Melbourne in-port race

Monday February 6th 2006, Author: Bernard Schopfer, Location: Australasia
At the start of the in-port race in Melbourne, on Saturday 4 February, Ericsson was recalled by the Race Committee for a premature start and had to sail back to the starting line in order to re-cross it. The Ericsson Racing Team has strong reasons to believe that there was confusion on the Race Committee boat, which resulted in Ericsson being erroneously recalled. The return to the start clearly affected Ericsson’s finishing position in this race; hence the team’s decision to submit a claim for redress to the International Jury.

As independent rules consultant for the Ericsson Racing Team, John Doerr, explains: “Unlike in many other sports, sailing has a process in place for claiming redress in case the race was not properly conducted. The ISAF’s Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) provide the means to rectify any such errors.”

Request for redress
Rule no 62.1 a: A request for redress (…) shall be based on a claim or possibility that a boat’s score in a race or series has, through no fault of her own, been made significantly worse by an improper action or omission of the race committee (…).

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