New ORC 42 box rule boat

Luctor Yachts introduce their new Lutra designed GP42

Friday March 3rd 2006, Author: James Boyd, Location: Australasia
Luctor Yachts brings a new GP42 to the market. The boat is designed by Lutra design (designer of 2001 Fastnet winner Tonnerre), and built by McConaghy Boats (builder of Wild Oats) at their joint-venture yard with Jin Li Composites: McConaghy International in Chang Ping, one hour north of Hong Kong. The engineering has been done by SP Technology. The design has been approached as a one- off. The big difference is that it is built in a female mould so the structure islighter and stiffer than a one-off that is built on a male plug.To lower the costs this boat is built in production, so a lot of teams can benefit from this superior building method, which is usingprepreg carbon laminates. This technology improves hull stiffness considerably and unlike with wet laminates, the hull is equally stiff everywhere.

The new box rule of the ORC is ideal to create the highest standard possible. Using this building method, the Luctor GP42 is not only a very fast boat, but is also very durable. Good value for money and highly competitivefor many years. Next to the GP class, the Luctor GP42 also performs very well under the IRC rule. LuctorYachts can offer the Luctor GP42 with various extras. For example we can adapt the keel or rudder, or we can taper the laminate in the ends, so we can move more weight to the centre of the boat. Should a client wishes to optimise for certain rules or conditions, Luctor Yachts can deliver more keels and/or rudderswhich can be bolted on very easily. In this way the Luctor GP42 can be optimised for the Sydney-Hobart Race for example. The Luctor GP42 combines the best of both worlds:racing in the GP42 Class and optimised racing under a handicap rule. The price of the Luctor GP42 will be very interesting.

Luctor Yachts has been founded by Jort van Sisseren in The Netherlands. Luctor Yachts brings the best components of the sailing world together. Developing tomorrow’s sailing yachts for a demanding public, combining cutting edge technology, advanced composites and know-how is their line of business. They combine the best builders and suppliers on the market and make this available to their clients for a good price. They mainly concern themselves with yacht racing on the highest level. Their objective is to be the most progressive yacht brand on the market, delivering high quality, race winning yachts. The Luctor GP42 is the first project, but the Luctor GP33 is already on its way.

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