Video: Volvo Open 70 limbo

ABN AMRO One ducks under Melbourne's Bolte Bridge
One of the oddest sights seen so far in the Volvo Ocean Race was the passage to and from the marina in Melbourne where the Volvo Open 70s had to pass beneath the Bolte. Unfortunately the air draught of this road bridge was several metres short of the mast height off the water of the Volvo Open 70s, so every time any of the teams wanted to go out sail testing or head for a race start they had to go through this painstaking procedure - which nearly came acropper on a couple of occasions. In early runs the boats canted their keels but also had a bag full of water tied to their masthead. Later as you can see in this video they tied a couple of halyards to a RIB. Click here to see this video. Note: this video is 8.3MB in size and therefore only suitable for viewing via a broad band connection. It is designed to be viewed in Windows Media Player.