Trimaran flies hull over London bridge

Bizarre late night Saturday images of Lia Ditton's trimaran art project
One of the most bizarre loads to trundle across the streets of London got underway in the early hours of Sunday morning when Lia Ditton's trimaran ProVu gingered her way from a slipway on the south bank of the Thames and across Vauxhall Bridge before taking up residence in the courtyard of Chelsea College of Art next door to the Tate Britain art gallery. While this might sound like a routine piece of boat transportation moving a 30ft wide 40ft long trimaran through London is far from straightforward. In the end the solution Lia, technical manager Abraham Threadwell and their team came up with was to crane Peter Bryant's trimaran on to a flat bed truck,,,but angled at 80deg, ie 10degrees off vertical, trimaran hull flying at its most extreme. To do this two metal straps were attached to the trimaran's main hull while two A-frames were erected on the back of the flat bed. The trimaran (as the video below shows) was lowered gently down until the straps could be attached to the A-frames with two giant pins, whacked in helpfully by former round the world skipper Andy Dare. Kept in check by a number of strops and ropes attached to her floats, the trimaran was then gently rotated on its pins like a giant rotisserie. The leeward (downward) float was then choked with large pieces of polystyrene before being lashed securely to the top of the flat bed. And then off she trundled. And the reason for all this? Lia Ditton is to spend the next 28 days on board ProVu recreating her singlehanded voyage last year in the OSTAR. During this time, she won't get off the boat, nor will anyone be allowed on to it, she will eat the same rations she ate while crossing the Atlantic