Video: B&Q in a gale

Crash..........shudder as Ellen's trimaran endures some serious Japanese waves
Ellen MacArthur and her trimaran B&Q Castorama are soon to be setting off on their tour of the Far East, a journey from Yokohama, Japan south to China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Malaysia. However in the meantime there is the small matter of the delivery trip north from Hong Kong. “Well, we are currently in a bay off Osaka wan, we have the sails down all lashed to the deck or the boom, as we are just riding this storm out - we can see some clouds coming that might be the front - which might give more wind - then it should start to reduce," wrote Ellen. "We managed throughout last night to slow the boat down - and let the low move off - but there is a lot of wind in the tail of it though. We are showing 45-50 kts - though we think this is under-reading by around 5-8% (based on our speeds up to now with any given wind speed), we have got some great footage on the boat cams - the only way to film - we are all below, with only Loick popping his head out occasionally." To catch a glimpse of what it is like on board see some of Charles Derbyshire's video: Mac users can download the Quicktime video here (695kb) To see the Windows Media Players file click here (1.8Mb)