ORMA 60 form guide

Cammas leads Desjoyeaux - but only just in our Route du Rhum ratings
ORMA 60 form guide Odds x: Skipper Age Nat Boat Designer Launched Notes 3 Franck Cammas 33 FRA Groupama VPLP 2004 3.5 Michel Desjoyeaux 41 FRA Géant VPLP 2002 4 Pascal Bidégorry 38 FRA Banque Populaire IV Irens/Cabaret 2002 ex Bayer Cropscience 4.5 Thomas Coville 38 FRA Sodebo VPLP 2002 5 Alain Gautier 44 FRA Foncia VPLP 2002 5.5 Lionel Lemonchois 46 FRA Gitana 11 VPLP 2001 ex Belgacom 7 Stève Ravussin 38 SWI Orange Project Lombard 2001 ex Banque Populaire III 8 Yvan Bourgnon 35 SWI Brossard Irens/Cabaret 2001 ex Sergio Tacchini 20 Antoine Koch 28 FRA Sopra Group Lombard 2002 70 Thierry Duprey du Vorsent 36 FRA Gitana 12 VPLP 2000 ex Bonduelle 200 Claude Thelier 44 FRA Région Guadeloupe - Terres de Passions VPLP 1990 ex Primagaz 500 Gilles Lamiré 36 FRA Madinina Ollier 1988 ex Elf Aquitaine Wow - if we thought choosing odds for the Open 60s was tough, making them up for the ORMA 60 class has been several times harder. Generally the ORMA 60 fleet is more mature, the skippers in this class are phenomenally experienced and the boats are equally refined. The newest boat and the only one built since the last, disastrous Route du Rhum has been Groupama II, while a majority were purpose-built to win the last race and have since been optimised heavily to make them competitive and relatively reliable. The odds above have been created taking into account the weather, including a lighter than normal, highly tactical first 48 hours, and the skippers who might best deal with this. Talking to a variety of race pundits around the giant media centre here in St Malo, opinion falls into two distinct camps when it comes to predicting the race winner - the pro-Cammas (above left) and the pro-Desjoyeaux (right) groups - and while all admit it is close between them, they are all equally adamant that their choice is correct. Personally we are probably erring in favour of Cammas. His boat is unquestionably the fastest in light to moderate conditions and given that this is the forecast for the start of the race, we reckon our star could be way ahead by the time the boats are out of the Bay of Biscay. The cons of Cammas are that he capsized his trimaran in the last Route du Rhum four years ago and again in last year's Transat