Crewman struck by lightning

While at the top of the VO70 Ericsson's rig

Thursday February 9th 2006, Author: Bernard Schopfer, Location: none selected
This wasn’t quite another day in the office for Ericsson Racing Team rig manager Tim Dean, who was working on Ericsson’s rig when the mast got struck by a lightening.

“It started pouring down with rain in another of those notorious Melbourne squalls," remembers the team’s Technical Director Magnus Olsson. "But this shower wasn’t quite like the previous ones as it also contained lightening.” Tim immediately called to his colleagues for help but it was too late: the mast - and the poor rigger - got hit!

Luckily, Dean is in a good condition. Timo Malinen, the Medical Coordinator for the Volvo Ocean Race, was immediately called to check his condition. “He has been taken to the Prince Alfred Hospital where he will be thoroughly checked up," comments Olsson. ”Tim and his shore crew palls were in shock as the incident happened. But laughter very soon replaced fear as Tim proved to be in good health. In a few days, this will just be a memory; one more good story to tell from this eventful race around the world."

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