5 years old today

With thedailysail celebrating its half decade we look back at the formidable developments in our sport over this period
Doesn't time fly? Today, 1 October marks the 5th anniversary of thedailysail.com (in fact including madforsailing, the predecessor to the present site, we are more than seven years old...) Apparently this is less in clown years. Looking back over the last half decade, it has been a halcyon period in our sport, with seemingly every avenue, in dinghy, keelboat and multihull racing, expanding and evolving. Long may it continue! Five years ago cunningly coincided with day one of the Louis Vuitton Cup in Auckland, a time when we had high hopes for Peter Harrison's GBR Challenge to place Blighty back on the stage as an America's Cup superpower. Unfortunately despite the best efforts of Ian Walker and the lads in Auckland, GBR Challenge didn't continue for 2007, but five years on, there is a stronger, wiser initiative in Sir Keith Mills' and Mike Sanderson's TeamOrigin. The afterguard line-up that has Ben Ainslie steering and Iain Percy tactician, seems like a fine wine that after around 10 years or so maturing is that only now ready to be drunk and there is a bullish feeling to the campaign - a case of where, not if it will be in the semi-finals, come 2009. In the last five years of course the America's Cup has gone through a metamorphosis, being held in Europe for the first time since we Brits put up such a poor effort, against seemingly such slight odds (ie one black American boat), back in 1851. With the Swiss defender Alinghi and their organisational body ACM at the helm of the event now, one can level all manner of criticism, except that they have expanded the size of the event, now situated in its own purpose-built homeport in Valencia, to a previously unimaginable degree. Today the scale of the America's Cup