The UK's most prolific sponsor

Andrew Pindar talks to thedailysail about his wide ranging interests in the sailing world
While Sir Keith Mills and Charles Dunstone may have waded in with their large cheque books to back the TeamOrigin America's Cup campaign, no one company in the sailing world, in the UK or overseas, comes close to supporting such a diverse range of yachting projects, as Pindar. The Yorkshire-based print and electronic media company, Pindar plc, is not FTSE 100, but is no minnow either. Their 2006 annual report talks of turning over £110 million and employing 1,500 people in UK, USA and India and this has since expanded with a new business opening in New Zealand. The company first got involved with sailing when they supported the North Sea Race 21 years ago. They subsequently signed up with Chay Blyth and the Challenge Business in 1995, before Chairman Andrew Pindar met Emma Richards. "The expensive bit started with Emma but what a great place to start!" states Andrew Pindar of their fateful first meeting eight and a half years ago, that would over the course of six years send the modern day Mrs Mike Sanderson across the Atlantic several times in an Open 50 and a 60ft trimaran and round the world in an Open 60. Following Around Alone, Richards' interest in singlehanded ocean racing waned and the reins of the Pindar Open 60 were passed to Mike Sanderson who finished third in The Transat in 2004, his first and only major singlehanded race. Sanderson's arrangement with Pindar was a supremely flexible one, and enabled him to take the best part of two years out to skipper ABN AMRO One to her resounding victory in the last Volvo Ocean Race. While ABN AMRO was going on, Pindar began the build of a radical new Open 60, designed like ABN AMRO One by the ever innovative Juan Kouyoumdjian. But,