Video - Mini Transat dockside tour

domosofa skipper Andrew Wood walks the pontoon with us in La Rochelle prior to the start
This is a reasonably ambitious project for the web. In this video thedailysail editor James Boyd and British competitor Andrew Wood, skiipper of take a tour of the dock in La Rochelle to bring you their guide to the 89 boats competing in this year's Mini Transat... With so many boats to see and such diversity in the fleet the video is a slight case of the blind leading the blind, but the tour shows the differences between the major designs and we get to speak to several of the competitors and go down below on boat with the biggest wingmast in the fleet, also featuring a keel that not only cants but drops down by 200mm when fully canted (see clip 2). However this video is long - we have divided it into four sections each of around 15 minutes duration. For anyone keenly interested in Minis and who didn't have time to make it to La Rochelle, then this video is for you. Since we show such appallingly poor knowledge of the fleet - it is best to watch the video in conjuction with a print out of the entry list - here. In clip one we embark on our tour with Andrew Wood and take in the first dock including the Alex Pella's boat, the Slovenian Adria Mobil sisterships and Isabelle Joschke's new Finot-Conq design. Click here to see this. In clip two we have a look around Jerome Koch's Meteor, a Sam Manuard design fitted with an unstayed canting wingmast and the clever canting keel (mentioned above). Click here to see this. In clip three the tour continues and we meet Australian competitor Nick Brennan (above). Click here to see this. Finally in clip four we speak briefly to former competitor Tanguy de la Motte and