AUDIO: Yves Parlier

The great man thinks 60ft long kite assisted Moths are the way to go with the Open 60 fleet
Yves Parlier is one of the great figures of the Vendee Globe. He is notable for his Open 60 Aquitaine Innovations, the first boat to effectively put an ORMA 60 wingmast rig on to an Open 60 but using deck spreaders to widen the shroud base. However he is best remembers for his antics in the 2000-1 race when his mast broke while leading the fleet in the Indian Ocean. Rather than cutting the rig free, Parlier was able to save the rig and with it on deck made it to the south of New Zealand under jury rig. There, instead of stopping, he managed to repair the mast. Parlier is a composites engineer by trade and built himself a makeshift oven and using all the available epoxy and carbon he could find on board rejoined the two sections of spar. (Remember that to keep racing in the Vendee Globe, no outside assistance is allowed). Perhaps most impressive was that having successfully repaired the mast he singlehandedly restepped the towering mast. He continued on in the race finishing in Les Sables d'Olonne to a deserved hero's welcome. Listen to our audio interview with one of France's greatest yachtsmen here .