The ORMA replacement

We speak to Franck David and designer Vincent Lauriot Prevost about the new MOD70 one design trimaran circuit
It has been almost two years since we last caught up with Franck David, coincidentally the Olympic wind surfing gold medallist from the Barcelona Games, who had taken on the task of making a future for the ORMA class following the soaring costs and ultimate demise of our beloved 60ft trimaran fleet. At the time David was promoting the Multi One Design 70 trimaran or MOD 70, an abbreviation that, yes, could work better on the UK side of the channel, with its connotations of camouflage green. Since then, we are pleased to report that David’s project has the green light thanks to backing of the project by Swiss entrepreneur, Marco Simeoni, who’s IT company Veltigroup currently sponsors former ORMA 60 skipper Steve Ravussin on the D35 circuit on Lake Geneva. A new company has been set up, based in Lausanne, called Multi One Design SA with a management team comprising Simeoni as CEO, David as Executive Director and Ravussin as Technical Director. “He really enjoys sailing and he really thinks it is a good opportunity for a new company and a sailing project with multihulls,” says David of Simeoni. “So he is really enthusiastic to come with us on the project. And he comes with a new vision with what we can do with sailing, which is why we have a new commitment with eco-responsibility and we are working hard on that.” In a nutshell the Multi One Design is a 70ft one design trimaran from designers Marc van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prevost, who most recently have brought the world Groupama III and Banque Populaire V (along with having a big hand in BMW Oracle Racing’s trimaran). Different from two years ago is that boat and circuit are now solely for ‘fully crewed’ teams, which in this case means