Lining-up for the in-port

Singapore in-port for the Volvo Ocean Race takes place tomorrow morning

Friday January 9th 2009, Author: Peter Rusch, Location: United Kingdom
On Saturday afternoon in Singapore, for the second time in this edition of the Volvo Ocean Race, the teams will take to the sea for an in-port race.

The schedule for the UBS Challenge for the In-Port Race comprises up to two races on Saturday afternoon, with the first start gun scheduled to fire at 13:00 local time (05:00 GMT). Race fans in Singapore can watch the racing from along the shoreline at East Coast Beach Park.

The only other in-port racing to this point came ahead of the leg one start in Alicante, when Telefonica Blue won both races to claim top points on the day. Co-skipper that day, Iker Martinez, will be at the helm of the Blue boat again on Saturday, but he’s not expecting the day to be easy.

"It’s going to be a very difficult race," he said. “We saw this today in practice. It also looks like there’s going to be much more wind. So for us, and I guess all the other boats, it feels difficult to focus on in-port racing after the long legs of the last few months. We have to adjust.”

Puma’s skipper, Ken Read agreed: “The difference in mindset (between the offshore and inshore) is quite dramatic; different communication, different positions on board and more structure. And it takes some practice. The first couple of spinnaker sets and drops we did a couple of days ago were embarrassing...We just forgot how to do it. But it’s amazing though how quickly it comes back and today was a phenomenal day of sailing. Hopefully we all stay sharp as a group because it can get pretty scary pretty quick.”

Ericsson 4 skipper Torben Grael said the compressed race course, and a forecast for moderate to strong offshore winds, means the racing will be spectacular to watch.

“It’s a very short course for very big, fast boats,” he said. “When you put a gate in the middle and everyone has to go through at the same time, that doesn’t make it any easier. And with the wind off the land it’s going to be shifty. So it’s going to be hard for us and good for you guys to watch.”

The winner of each race on Saturday will earn four points, the second placed boat 3.5, etc. If two races are sailed, the winner of the UBS Challenge for the In-Port Race in the Volvo Ocean Race is the team with the highest accumulated point score. If there are two races and two teams end up on equal points, the team with the highest score in the second race of the day is placed higher.

For the overall score in the Volvo Ocean Race, the winner of the in-port race day (whether it comprises one or two races) is awarded 4 points, second place 3.5 points and so on, towards their race overall race ranking.

Crew lists:

1. Roberto Bérmudez de Castro ESP, skipper 2. Guillermo Altadill ESP, navigator 3. Stu Wilson NZL 4. Ryan Houston NZL 5. Ed van Lierde NED 6. André Fonseca BRA 7. Edwin O’Connor IRE 8. Dave Miller NZL 9. Bert Schandevyl BEL 10. Martin Watts GBR 11. Gerd-Jan Poortman NED 12. Morgan White AUS 13. Sander Pluijm NED (media crew member)

1. Torben Grael BRA, skipper 2. Jules Salter UK, navigator 3. Brad Jackson NZ 4. Stu Bannatyne NZ 5. Horacio Carabelli BRA 6. Tony Mutter NZ 7. Joca Signorini BRA 8. Ryan Godfrey AUS 9. Phil Jameson NZ 10. Dave Endean NZ 11. Joe Spooner NZ 12. Brian McInnes CAN 13. Guy Salter UK (media crew member)

1. Magnus Olsson SWE, skipper 2. Aksel Magdahl NOR, navigator 3. Vincent Gerard CAN 4. Richard Mason SWE 5. Tomas Johansson FIN 6. Eilind Melleby NOR 7. Martin Strömberg SWE 8. Jens Dolmer DEN 9. Anders Dahlsjö SWE 10. Martin Krite SWE 11. Jann Neergaard DEN 12. Rasmus Kostner DEN 13. Gustav Morin SWE (media crew member)

1. Ian Walker GBR, skipper 2. Ian Moore IRL, navigator 3. Neal McDonald GBR 4. Anthony Merrington AUS 5. Ian Budgen GBR 6. Phil Harmer AUS 7. Tom Braidwood AUS 8. Andrew McLean AUS 9. Justin Slattery IRL 10. Freddie Shanks GBR 11. David Carr GBR 12. Julien Cressant FRA 13. Jian Huang CHN (Media Crew Member)

1. Ken Read USA, skipper 2. Andrew Cape AUS, navigator 3. Sidney Gavignet FRA 4. Rob Greenhalgh GBR 5. Rob Salthouse NZL 6. Justin Ferris NZL 7. Shannon Falcone ANT 8. Casey Smith AUS 9. Michael Muller GER 10. Jerry Kirby USA 11. Andrew Taylor NZL 12. Chris Nicholson AUS 13. Rick Deppe GBR (media crew member)

1. Bouwe Bekking NED, skipper 2. Simon Fisher GBR, navigator 3. Iker Martinez ESP 4. Jonathan Swain RSA 5. Tom Addis AUS 6. Jordi Calafat ESP 7. Xabier Fernandez ESP 8. Pablo Arrarte ESP 9. Daryl Wislang NZL 10. Pepe Ribes ESP 11. Carlo Castellano ITA 12. Federico Giovanelli ITA 13. Gabriele Olivo ITA (media crew member)

1. Fernando Echavarri ESP, skipper 2. Santiago Lange ESP 3. Gonzalo Araujo ARG 4. Jaime Arbones ESP 5. Pablo Iglesias ESP 6. Javier De La Plaza ESP 7. David Vera ESP 8. Maciel Cicchetti ARG 9. Antonio Cuervas-Mons ESP 10. Michael Pammenter RSA 11. Iñigo Losada ESP 12. Pedro Campos ESP 13. Mikel Pasabant ESP (media crew member)

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