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Half way parties in the Pacific Cup

Tuesday July 22nd 2008, Author: Barby MacGowan, Location: United Kingdom
Almost a week into the 15th Pacific Cup, some of the earliest starters are preparing to hold their traditional halfway parties as they pass the 1035-miles-to-Hawaii mark.

Aboard perennial victor Cal 40 California Girl , a memorial will be held at the halfway party, with other boats joining in via SSB radio, for Davey Glander. Glander was an avid racer and friend to many Pacific Cup racers who passed away after the 2006 race. His motto, "go for greatness," inspired many. Glander participated in 2006 on California Girl and returned on Valis . He passed away on November 17, 2007 at the age of 49. He was planning to participate this year on Valis.

Following Sunday’s standings, many will notice Paul Cayard’s family performance on Hula Girl , which moved them into first place overall. The crew sailed almost 300 miles in a single day, putting them on track to win several awards, such as the overall Pacific Cup trophy, the Division E trophy, and the Blue Water Sailing Family Trophy for 'Fastest Family Afloat'.

Competition has grown for the Storm Trysail Club's Team Trophy, awarded to the yacht club team of three boats performing best in their divisions and overall. Currently, a team from the Richmond Yacht Club leads the scoring, consisting of Mark A. Moore’s Moore Havoc, Joshua Grass;’ Summer Moon and Dean Treadway’s Sweet Okole, all of which are doing very well in their divisions.

Another new trophy to the 2008 Pacific Cup is the Blue Water Sailing Family Trophy for the 'Fastest Family Afloat'. Nearly one-third of the fleet, 17 boats, has registered for this prize, reflecting the strong tradition of families sailing this race together. As of Saturday, the family of Paul Cayard aboard Hula Girl is the leading the family effort.

Other notable racers in this category include father and daughter team Bob and Becca Hinden (San Francisco) aboard Acacia, father and son team Chris and Larry Gibbs aboard Checkered Past (Richmond, Calif.) and newlyweds Marika Edler and Steve Hocking aboard Ohana (Sausalito, Calif.). Ohana, in Hawaiian, actually means family; hopefully, this will be a sign of good luck for Steve, Marika and crew.

Renewing a tradition on the water, boats racing were invited to nominate a "crew member of the week." Selected by acclaim was Chris Parkman, sailing aboard Acacia, a Valiant 42 out of Alameda, CA. When Acacia became entangled in a crab pot near the Farallon Islands, Chris, without a wetsuit, at midnight, in cold "shark-infested waters," dove in and untangled the boat from its captor, returning safely to the Acacia to sail on. As an additional good deed, he managed the feat without cutting the pot free of its float and depriving a fisherman of his catch. Bravo, Chris.

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