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Sunset&Vine|APP Artemis Transat program to be broadcast this weekend

Thursday July 10th 2008, Author: Lou Newlands, Location: United Kingdom
The 2008 running of the original singlehanded transoceaninc yacht race, The Artemis Transat, saw 13 skippers race at relentless pace across the North Atlantic from Plymouth to Boston. Three world-class skippers failed to make the finish and one was forced to abandon his multi-million pound yacht mid-Atlantic in his quest to reach the USA first.

Sunset&Vine|APP's 25 minute long programme about the Artemis Transat is to be broadcast in the UK on Sunday, 13 July at 0815 am on Channel 4. There will be a repeat showing of the documentary at 0105 am on 16 July.

The program includes highlights of the race, including on-board footage filmed by the skippers and reveals the challenges overcome by Britain's Dee Caffari racing her brand new boat Aviva for the first time. Seb Josse on BT shares a secret with the camera while leading and one of the skippers filmed a mid ocean rescue. Despite the challenges this was the fastest edition of the race in its 48 year history and from day one the monohull record set by Britain's Mike Golding on Ecover in 2004 was under threat. When the first boat finished in Boston, USA a new record time was set, around four weeks shorter than the original time taken by Sir Francis Chichester in 1960.

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