No wind again!

Sam Davies clutching hold of fifth position in the Artemis Transat

Sunday May 25th 2008, Author: Sam Davies, Location: United Kingdom
Well, hopefully this will be my last full day of the race. Although, at this pace I am beginning to wonder!

The last 24 hours have been incredibly slow, all the time in little or no wind at all. The conditions are really tiring as the wind is constantly changing which means I have to spend all my time trimming and changing everything to match the wind. It is so frustrating to be so close yet so far, knowing that if you get stuck a little worse off than the others you could loose three precious places in no time.

So that is why I am at 200% to try and keep this fifth place. And keep my nerves! The weather is beautiful. We saw a lovely sunset yesterday and an amazing starry night. It is freezing cold and my nose is frozen! I have been using the little hand-warmers in my gloves, in my boots, in my pants... at one point I nearly got the duck-tape out to try sticking one on my nose.

Keep whistling for the wind….


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