Past the Cape of Good Hope

Kingfisher2 surges into the Indian Ocean

Tuesday February 18th 2003, Author: Offshore Challenges, Location: Transoceanic
SUMMARY: 1500 GMT 18.2.03
Position: 43 46'S 20 29'E (approx 1067 nm S of tip of South Africa / 772 nm from Prince Edward Islands)
Boat speed: 25 knots

Kingfisher2 crossed the longitude 018 28'E at 09:18:59GMT today - the first of three Capes she must keep to port as she crosses the Southern Ocean. Cape Horn is still 10,000 miles to the east with Cape Leeuwin (tip of SW Australian) in between. The Cape of Good Hope to Cape Leeuwin record is held by Olivier de Kersauson of 8 days, 23 hours and 17 minutes set in 1997 on Sport Elec. Geronimo were a day off that gate record when they passed through this time.

"The next 24 hours are not looking brilliant," said MacArthur. "The weather models make it look simple but the situation is pretty complicated as the actual wind field does not match the forecast models with the models saying there will be 40-50% less breeze." Over the next few days Kingfisher2 will be moving south to avoid a huge high pressure zone in the mid-Indian Ocean but other lows that are moving around are forming a convergence zone - basically a 200 mile corridor - that may not hold as much pressure as Ellen and the crew would like. Both Orange and Geronimo positioned further north, had "slower" periods and lower 24 hour mileage rates during the same stage of their record bids, so it is a good opportunity for Kingfisher2 to get back more time if the weather holds for them.

The next closest landmark will be the Prince Edward Islands and the Les Crozet islands that are positioned another 772 miles to the east. Kingfisher2 plan to keep these islands to starboard.

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