Back on the Volvo trail

The Daily Sail caught up with former Tyco skipper and OneWorld team member Kevin Shoebridge
Kevin Shoebridge has a very unique set of credentials as a top figure within our sport. For most of his working life he has been flitting from America's Cup to Whitbread/Volvo and back again, sailing the former mostly with Team New Zealand (although he was with OneWorld this time round) and the latter with Peter Blake and Grant Dalton, before heading his own campaign with Tyco in the last Volvo Ocean Race. He says he left Team New Zealand because he wanted to pursue the Volvo and Team New Zealand said they needed a full time commitment, whereas the deal with Peter Gilmour allowed him to join OneWorld immediately after the Volvo Ocean Race finished in June last year. He move to his new job at OneWorld at the same time as Tyco crewman and sailmaker extraordinaire Grant Spanhake. After a promising start in the round robins OneWorld never seemed to up their game as all around them - particularly Oracle who eventually dispatched them - did. Shoebridge says that although there was huge depth within the team, the chemistry on board was not quite right. "A lot can be attributed to things stopping when the spending was cut back on sails. Then we were late getting our combination together on the boat. Sometimes we sailed brilliantly. Sometimes we were a little less than good." Having had a few weeks off now, Shoebe is now back on the Volvo campaign trail. There was a collection sign of relief in Volvo circles when Alinghi won the Cup and took it to Europe. They will be holding it - most believe - in 2007. This is good for the Volvo Ocean Race as if Team New Zealand had won and decided to hold the next Cup in 2005, the two event would