Record unlikely for Pyewacket

Rich Roberts reports on the biennial Marina del Rey to Puerto Vallarta race

Wednesday February 19th 2003, Author: Rich Roberts, Location: United States
As Roy Disney's Pyewacket slowed to an average seed of 6.5 knots for the past 24 hours, Joss's 18-year-old record for Del Rey Yacht Club's 17th biennial Marina del Rey to Puerto Vallarta International Yacht Race seemed safe for another two years.

Pyewacket would have to finish by noon Wednesday to beat the record of 4 days 23 hours 0 minutes 4 seconds set by the MacGregor 65 in 1985, but its ETA was pushed back to 4.5 hours later and losing as the clock ticked away in this Mexican resort port.

In fact, it appeared that Pyewacket, a Reichel/Pugh 75 that owns the Transpac, Newport-Bermuda and Chicago-Mac records, would probably post the fastest elapsed time but would be running with the pack at the end. Pye spotted its smaller Racing Division rivals one and two days from the start.

The closest boat to the finish at Tuesday morning's position report was Winslow Lincoln's Andrews 45, Locomotion, still 176 miles out and averaging 8.2 knots for the 1,175-nautical mile race.

Immediately after the completion of the race, North Sails and the Mexican Sailing Association are sponsoring a new five-day regatta in Banderas Bay called Vallarta Race Week. All Marina del Rey-Puerto Vallarta participants were invited to take part.

Positions at 9 a.m. Feb. 17

PHRF AA (started Feb. 14)
1. Pyewacket (R/P 75), Roy E. Disney, Los Angeles YC, 156/292.

PHRF A (started Feb. 13)
1. Locomotion (Andrews 45), Keith Kilpatrick, South Shore YC, 110/176.
2. Sorcery (Mull 82), Jacob Wood, California YC, 103/198.

PHRF B (started Feb. 12)
1. Ghost II (Farr 395), Al Berg, Santa Monica Windjammers, 116/237.
2. Bay Wolf (S/C 50), Richard Parlette, Cabrillo Beach YC, 84/191.
3. Horizon (S/CD 50M), Jack Taylor, Dana Point YC, 83/195.
4. Atalanta (Tripp 74 ketch), Richard Hedreen, Corinthian YC, Seattle,
5. Zamazaan (Farr 52C), Charles Weghorn, St. Francis YC, 111/347.
6. Black Knight (Farr 39ML), Phillip Friedman, Del Rey YC, retired.

Started race Feb. 7; started Leg 2 Feb. 13

Leg 1 order of finish on corrected time (includes handicaps and engine time

1. Between the Sheets (Jeanneau 52.2), Ross Pearlman, Santa Monica
Windjammers YC.
2. Gold Digger (N/M 50), David Fell, Seal Beach YC.
3. Misty (Cal 39-2), Harold Alexander, Seal Beach YC.
4. Broadway Babe (C&C 110), Jim Maslon, Del Rey YC.
5. Amazing Grace (Farr 55), Allen Puckett, California YC.
6. Cheyenne (Whiting 49), Alan Blunt/David Fox, California/Santa Cruz YCs.

1. Quamichan (Davidson 44), Sandy Clark, South Coast Corinthian YC.
2. Quest (Davidson 53), Scott/Jean Adam, Del Rey/California YCs.
3. Sunseeker (Tayana 55), Alfred Benaroya, Seattle YC.

1. Principessa (Newport 41S), Gregory Daley, Del Rey YC (retired).
2. Fly'n Bry'n (Catalina 42), Jerry Bryan, American Legion YC.
3. Firelight (Catalina 470T), Patrick Mickle, Dana Point YC.
4. Seaker II (Farr 33), Wes Stone, Cabrillo Beach YC.
5. Valerie K (Columbia 43), Ron Hoskin, Hawaii YC.

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