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Objective 3 gets Dover-Calais monohull record at conclusion of round Britain race

Thursday July 24th 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: France
Objectif 3 was the final boat home this afternoon at the conclusion of the Calais Round Britain Race. Skipper Charles Hedrich, whose 'three objectives' are to take part in the Paris-Dakar rally on a motorbike, to sail the Vendee Globe and climb Everest closed the finish line off Calais at 14:26:16 BST.

The highly experienced former Open 60 and 60ft trimaran crewman Fred Dahirel, who is teaching Hedrich how to sail had noticed that there was going to be more wind on the Dover-Calais course when they, as the tailenders in the race, would be making the passage compared to those who had gone before.

They managed the crossed in a ferry-beating 1 hour 18 minutes and 50 seconds at an average speed of 14.62 knots.

Dover-Calais record times

1. Objectif 3 - 1h 25m 31m
2. PRB – 1h25m31s
3.Sill – 1h26m48s
4.VMI – 1h30m48s
5.Team 888 – 1h32m40s
6.Arcelor Dunkerque – 1h33m36s
7.Ecover – 1h34m07s
8.Garnier – 1h37m58s
9.Bobst – 1h58m51s

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