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Monday March 24th 2003, Author: Rachel Anning, Location: United Kingdom
All the Crew Volunteers in the inaugural Round Britain Challenge have now been placed in their teams, following a special crew announcement, which took place over the weekend at the Rose Bowl Cricket grounds in Southampton.

The months of waiting are now over for the Crew Volunteers who were eager to find out who they would be sailing around Britain and Ireland with during the race, which sets sail on the 19th April. "We feel like bottles of champagne, ready to pop we're so desperate to find out who we're sailing with," commented Crew Volunteer Stephen Hall just before the announcement.

But the waiting is now over and the teams spent their first few hours together chatting about the race, along with their hopes and their fears. The Crew Volunteers were also told about the race sponsors, as all eight yachts are now supported. The impressive sponsor list is Basilica (skippered by Jon Crawford), BG Group (skippered by Clive Cosby), Invest HK ('Spirit of Hong Kong' skippered by Ian Buchele), LogicaCMG (skippered by Duggie Gillespie), Southampton City Council ('Spirit of Southampton' skippered by James Allen), Team Spirit (skippered by Mark Taylor), The Daily Telegraph (skippered by Jim Allen) and Vail Williams (skippered by Pete Scoggins).

"The crew announcement was a great event," comments Simon Walker, managing director, Challenge Business. "It was literally crackling with excitement!

"It was great to see nerves melt away as the Crew Volunteers were put into teams only to be replaced with new emotions of getting to know their team mates and hearing from their skippers and mates how the next few weeks were going to pan out. It was also good to see a bunch of 'civilians' transformed into teams, sporting their new colours for the team photos.

"Many thanks to Southampton City Council, one of our new yacht sponsors, for the fabulous location - the Rose Bowl Cricket grounds - which they provided for us.

"A big thank you also to our other sponsors. The Round Britain Challenge has always been a race geared towards the Crew Volunteers and was never intended as a major sponsorship platform. However, these organisations recognise the benefits of a very unique marketing platform and we're delighted to have them on board."

The brand new teams are as follows: Basilica - Susan Cooper, Alison Kenny, Judith Eastwood, Lesley Stewart, John Wood, Kenneth Duffill, Gunnar Andersen, Peter Le Masurier, Nick Burgess, John Cooper, Martin Hathaway, Tom O'Connor, Steve Reynolds, Alan Williamson, Rob Burridge, Howard Young

BG Group - Lena Gustafsson, Dianne Keating, Pip Escreet, Zoe Lovett, Susan Young, Peter Beaman, Richard Smith, Kieran Phelan, Spencer Pilbrow, Trevor Kirby, Matt Jenkins, Guy Chinchen, Tim Grange, Eric Lange, Tim Williams, one other (no media)

Spirit of Hong Kong - Emma Fung, Antoinette Caird-Daley, Alison Smith, Susan Marchant, Paula Williamson Duncan Berriman Peter Cox Peter Freeman Peter Hall John Marchant Richard Parson Andi Radburn Peter Sandover Adrian Stafford-Jones Rhys Iley Matt Clark

LogicaCMG - Jessica Daw, Rona Cant, Seoniad Reid, Jodie Moir, Russell Howarth, Matthew Crook, Milan Mach, Daniel Inman, Angus MacNeil, Richard Ridout, Tony Robinson, Brent Mealin, John Story, David White, James Holmes, Paul Nolan

Spirit of Southampton - Heidy Bryn-Jacobsen, Susan Bryant, Rachel Cowley, Rebecca Treacher, Chris Carter, Robin Drake, Stephen Gamman, David Cousens, Kevin Snell, Ben Hancock, John King, Colin Mather, Alistair Perkins, Matthew Roxburgh, Mark Thomas and Jeremy Gaardner

Team Spirit - Andrea Byr, David Boyers, Judith Palmer, Lucy Thompson, Mike Cheshire, Stuart Clarke, Phillip Dobson, Graham Shepherd, John Greenaway, Michael Hodgson, Richard Mawson, Neil McCracken, Stephen Hall, Roland Preece, Andrew Springham, Andrew Watson

The Daily Telegraph - Deborah Stevenson, Claudia Lantos, Prudence Harding, Paula Balch, Richard Fetherston, Bryan Hardy, Graham Woodison, Graham Keating, Brian Collett, Kevin Gavaghan, Richard Stringfellow, Stephen Corson, Nigel Edwards, Robert Brett, Klaus Andrews, Daniel McAvoy

Vail Williams - Angela Caldara, Gemma Hawes, Gabrielle Oliver, Andrea Williams, Steve O'Neill, Malcolm Cobb, David Watts, Richard Marquand, Jo Foreman, Jonathan Costin, Nigel Saunders, Terry Squires, David Smithwick, Ben East, Drew Hunt, Robert Hills

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