7 days ahead

Jean-Luc van den Heede benefits from Monnet's disastrous dive south

Tuesday December 17th 2002, Author: Jean-Luc van den Heede, Location: Transoceanic

I said yesterday, "There we are then, the gap between Philippe and me is opening up again in the right direction!"

I am benefiting now from his miseries in amongst the ice when he went back to the north. And no, it's not a mistake, you really are reading correctly: ahead by 7 days and 1 hour! A week ahead is super and I'm very happy.

Alas, the wind is still directly west which isn't helping matters. Often there is a favourable side to things, even so. But not here. What's more, the fog is thick enough to cut with a knife! But take note, as regards encounters with merchant shipping, I'm not likely to be in any danger: nothing ventures down in these parts. The icebergs are normally further south and for the moment I haven't seen a thing since Cape Horn.

The disadvantage of the fog is that it gets in everywhere and my cabin is breathing ambient damp. So I cover up well and when my Volvo is running for the batteries I take advantage of it, putting my things to dry on my little heater installed by Sani Heating.

Until tomorrow

D+44. Position at 14H : 51°31’S / 120°16’W
Wind 23 N. W. Temperature day 10°C/night 5°C/water 6,9°C
Distance run in 24H : 172 naut miles.
Advance on Monnet 7 days and 1 hours. Distance to Ante méridien: 2274 naut miles.

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