Light and frustrating

Kingfisher2 1500 update

Monday February 3rd 2003, Author: Offshore Challenges, Location: Transoceanic
1500 GMT: Position: 22 15' N 25 28' W

Av/Max boat speed in last hour: 11.19 / 18.6 / knots
Av/Max wind speed in last hour: 7.9 / 13.1 knots
Wind direction: 038
Distance to Equator: 1349 nm (theorectical shortest distance)

The breeze has continued to allude Ellen and the crew on board Kingfisher2 today:

"There is basically a light patch of air approx 300 m2 that we had no choice but to sail through it," said Ellen. "We hope to get to the other side soon and find more breeze but right now we are only making 9-10 knots of boat speed and it is very frustrating."

The wind is expected to strengthen overnight to 17 knots from the NE which will give Kingfisher2 about 20 knots of boat speed. The only strategy is to keep sailing south and hope the breeze fills in. As they get further south the sea temperature increases - now at 24 degrees compared to 10 degrees when they started.

Once Kingfisher2 makes it through this light zone they will be on course to cross the Equator but when is hard to predict: "Perhaps in 3 days," said MacArthur "But it is hard to say until we are on the other side of this light patch."

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