Route du Rhum winners go home rich

Generous prize money to first arrivals

Sunday November 24th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
One of the aspects of the Route du Rhum that will please the present arrivals is the generous prize money.

Aside from the trophies made by ERCUIS et RAYNAUD, the winners of the 60ft trimaran class and the Open 60 class both get 75,000 Euros (roughly £50,000), while the second placed in these classes gets 35,000 Euros and third place 15,000.

Class 2 multihulls, monohulls and class 3 monohulls - the podium finishers in each of these three class gets 15,000 Euros for first, 7,000 for second and 3,000 for third.

In addition to this there is the prize of the CCI de Basse-Terre for the shortest time between Basse Terre (the mark to the west of the island) and the finish. This is 20,000 Euros.

There are 500 Euro prizes for the best 24 hour run in the IMOCA and 60ft trimaran class and 200 Euros for the other classes and a further 1,500 Euros for the first 60ft tri and Open 60 between the start and Cape Frehel with 500 Euros for each of the winners of this passage in the other classes.

Finally there is a prize in honour of the original architect of the Route du Rhum, the late Michel Etevenon, that is awarded to a team at the jury's discretion.

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