La Petite Australienne

Former Amer Too bowgirl Liz Wardley tells madforsailing about her latest form of hell
She's small. She's Australian. She never wears shoes. Liz Wardley has had a busy time since Kiel where she stepped off Amer Sports Too, having spent the best part of a year dealing with the bow on the girls' Volvo Ocean Race boat. But Wardley says her post-Volvo busy-ness has been fortunate: "You're sort of left in the dark. You've just had nine months of being told when to be somewhere, what to do, what to say and suddenly it's 'alright it's over. See ya!' You get your own life back and you just don't know what to do with it. I just take it day by day at the moment." But as we speak she is undertaking a no less hardcore challenge, as part of a two girl crew sailing in the Mini class' Demi Cle, with her newly acquired Swedish friend Pia L'Obry on board the Rolland designed Morph'Eau. In this ocean going 21 footer the duo scored an impressive second place overall on the first leg of the event from Lorient to Cork. "Coming second was awesome," Wardley enthuses. "After the start we were mid-fleet and we just got in the groove and sailed past the fleet and got into second place on the first evening and it obviously just stayed that way. We didn't know we were coming second until we'd finished, because the radio scheds are all done on VHF and the following boats aren't normally around you, so we dind't know how we were going. We knew we were quite west of the fleet. The forecast was for it to go WSW, but we got stuck in a secondary depression right in the middle and had no wind for about 10 hours, so it was a bit frustrating not knowing whether the rest