Future is looking bright for Orange as she flys past bottom of New Zealand

Wednesday April 3rd 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic

From on board Orange Nick Moloney writes...

250 miles from Longitude of Tasman Island a little over 1000 tto half way mark. Progress has felt pretty good since we have been South of Australia. Now 52 degrees South and quite cold. Has another display of Aurora Australis tonight, pretty amazing stuff.

Have been sailing between two reefs in the main and storm spi for the past few days now in windstrength between 20 and 38kts. The skys have been 70% clear with a few strong squalls to ad a bit of spice.

Everyone is looking forward to the half way mark so we can start the count down. Time has passed very quickly but we still have a bloody long way to go. Have been sailing in a nice stream of weather without too much water on deck. I have attempted to repair my wet pants with silicone so we'll see how that goes over time.

Orange is well maintained and the standard of living on board is great. We all clean the interior regularly and everybody appears to be organised with their personal stuff. It varies from some guys with a what looks like a sack full of dirty washing to some with every thing sealed in zip lock bags labled and placed neatly in their locker. Never the less we are not tripping over each other's stuff which is a good change from most boats.

Bunks are still dry for now.

Having trouble trying to get through this e-mail as am constantly having to dash on deck as squalls form and pass us by. We are currently full main and spi and she can get a little out of hand pretty quickly.

Just did an interview with a breakfast show in Canberra. Was fantastic to hear some AUSSIE VOICES. I AM ALL SMILES.

We are awaiting dawn. Should pass Tasman Island sometime today at a distance of the Sydney-Hobart race further South. Australia will then be behind us.


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